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Tired? Try thinking about this.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Eventually we all get pushed or pulled past our limits.  Physically and mentally.

When this occurs we typically begin to feel the unraveling.  We sense the fatigue and a voice of doubt begins to creep. Below are three things to shift your mindset in moments like these.  I use these to help me push through a run and overcome the hiccups of life that seem to disrupt us.

1.  Gratitude

What are you thankful for?  Think about the things you're grateful for, how far you've come.  Be thankful for what you have.  Gratitude gives us perspective and drowns out the inner voice of doubt.  Science shows that it's impossible for our brain to feel stress and gratitude at the same time.  Jon Gordon often says, "if you feel blessed, you won't be stressed."  Gratitude will combat our cortisol feeding the fatigue.

2.  What Else ?

A former Special Operations bad ass in the Navy taught me this one and I've found it especially useful working out outside personally, whether in the city or on the trails.  Ask yourself what else?  When the tired feeling or rational to stop shows up - ask what else?  You may be tired, but what else?  Is the sun shining?  Are you able bodied? Do you feel alive? This will bring a greater level of presence to what you're doing and where you are. That voice of negativity doesn't have a lot of answers for you - it just wants you to stop.  Asking yourself this question will cue you in to the many other things that are happening around you besides that voice of subtraction.

3.  Think of Others

Doing something for others, a cause or for love is a powerful force.  As my friend Dr. Rob Bell says, "no one gets there alone."  We all have those who've been there for us. Teammates, family, friends, colleagues and coaches. When our purpose is in people we can push past our limits. Think about those who believe in you, supported you and been there for you.  When we become tired we begin to constantly think about ourselves and think inward.  Turn the focus outward!  These people have a spirit that can guide your when yours exhausts.  Take action for others, and more action will be taken.

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