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The day I met the Mamba

It was a room filled with some of the top sports executives and a room I dreamed of being in as a young adult. Though the room was packed with the sports business' movers and shakers, the Mamba was in the building and taking the stage.

Kevin Carroll, an amazing thought leader and author, who's known Kobe since he was a teen; shared a fireside chat that was more fire than side chat. Among the wisdom he shared from his career as he transitioned his on court skills to his next phase of life, one lesson stuck out.

Kobe and Kevin Carroll have an amazing conversation.

The more you listen, read and learn about Kobe you quickly become aware of his curiosity and competitive desire to become more. The becoming requires a lack of ego and constant humility.

The Mamba mentality or mindset, is really about three key things. Being relentless, curious and fearless. Kobe talked about being relentlessly curious. When asked what he attributed his successes to, he talk about this idea. When pushed for advice on that lesson, he said, "Learn, learn, learn, learn...learn, learn, learn."

This mentality for growth, to strive for improvement, to lay the bricks of legacy is what I believe Kobe will be most remembered for. For the one day I got to meet the Mamba this is what being in his presence provided. It was a few hours, but a lifetime of lessons.

Kobe making his way to the stage.

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