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Naive Optimism vs. Grounded Optimism

While positivity will never guarantee performance, negatively surely will erode it. Being optimistic in today’s society and sport is a competitive advantage, however the more it is grounded in preparation, work and humility, the greater the performance.

As this truth plays out today, young people are seeing the barriers to entry in many future endeavors be reduced or eliminated. Technology, increased civli liberties and a more connected world have created jobs where there were none and celebrities where no one previously cared.

While this frequently gives way to the thinking of, “anyone can do it!” This truth continues to slice with a sharper edge when it comes to sports. The time required, work put in and DNA developed, all have created a rising standard in sports.

The ways to succeed are few, and they are grounded in the work, preparation and consistency you commit to. The mindset built through process pairs well will positivity. The mindset build without the work will be as mendable as the exterior environment.


I wrote the above lines a few weeks ago. Now, with extra time on my hands I’m getting to finishing this thought. Although the thought I believe is applicable in today’s new CoVID lifestyle.

Naive optimism, is positive, but it’s exclaiming that all will be good, because well, it will be.

You can see how this thought in the short-term, both in sports and in dealing with corona, is comfortable, but not comforting for the long-term.

Grounded optimism, also positive, but it’s driven through by experiences, not exclamation. When we do what is required, the preparation that is necessary, our optimism is rooted.

Preparedness gains way to confidence. Confidence gets us towards better outcomes.

As we seem to be detached from normalcy for the upcoming days/weeks. Find ways to dig your roots of optimism into the ground, by doing the work you know will create a greater version of you.

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