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Guide to Starting Your Student-Athlete Leadership Team

Build Your TEAM

First thing to decide is who is your leadership team going to be made up of. While a variety of arrangements will be successful, you’ll want some sort of mix of different sports/activities and different grade levels. Next, plan when (30-60min) and how often your team will meet. Once or twice month? This can alternate.

Launch Your TEAM

This crucial step is often overlooked; before leaping into curriculum and content share your vision for the group, the purpose, any set goals and the topics you’d like to discuss. Millennials want to know why! Then get the group introduced to each other and acquainted.

Listen to the TEAM

Once you’ve had an initial launch meeting extract the topics & ideas they have interest in learning about. What can help them the most? Keep communication open and be able to adapt as you align your objectives with your athletes!

Student-Athlete Leadership TEAMS

Leadership potential and growth is equal to or greater than the investment into those leaders. Every athletic department has a group of student-athletes who are capable and willing to elevate their leadership capacity. However, frequently expectations exceed the training and development.

Being a leader is not something we do, but something we become. Athletes today need to learn and actively foster their leadership abilities to differentiate themselves on and off the field of play in preparation for the world ahead.


Once you’ve gathered the interests of your leadership team, fostered relationships and integrated their topics with yours, create a game plan for the remaining meetings you plan for. Better to over communicate early on - you can always shift back as things move forward and trust is built.

Key curriculum decisions:

• Where will curriculum curate from? Researched based?

• Who will present topics? Are there people who can add value to the group inside & out of your building?

• What outside voices will champion your teams goals and vision? A needed step with today’s youth athletes.

• How will you bring ideas to life, vivid examples, videos, activities, discussion, etc.

• Goals to reach in building your target culture?

To schedule a FREE consultation email me, I’d be happy to help you get started or maintain your leadership group.


1) Empower student-athletes to contribute

2) Encourage discussion and uploading of opinions

3) Enlighten with outside speakers, use multiple voices 4) Integrate video & data

5) Engage in participatory activities

6) Demonstrate research behind topics

7) Curate opportunities to write, share gratitude

8) Activate positive project(s) outside of meetings

If you are looking to elevate the leadership on your teams, programs or athletic department and are looking for expanded curriculum assistance, please reach out. Utilizing targeted research, custom videos and years of experience I’d be happy to help you create a successful student-athlete leadership group. There is a reason why NCAA athletic departments have Student-Athlete Advisory Committees and there are multiple reasons why you should in your school or within your team.

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