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Find your Rhythm(ic Philosophy)

In Cal Newport’s book Deep Work, he talks about this topic. He states that the goal is to generate a rhythm for work that removes the need for you to invest energy in deciding if and when you’ll do the work.

More simply put, will you schedule, plan and execute the work that will help you achieve what you are setting out to achieve. Even more simply put, rhythmic philosophy is about consistency.

Coaches preach about it as consistently as they can, because they know it leads to great results and less mental fatigue. One of the advantages of creating a plan, time, place that you’ll get your work out in or do your homework, is that you won’t waste your cognitive energy deciding those things. With that, you’ll be able to pour more energy into the work.

One of the method’s that I observe and measure my consistency with, is using what is sometimes referred to the Block Chain Method, or as I like to call it, and have discussed in a previous blog - Seinfeld theory - Don’t Break the Chain.

If you’re after a transition of habits or greater depth or production out of one you’re already building, how can you bring the rhythmic progression to your routine? Perhaps it is within a journal, perhaps you go get that big calendar like Seinfeld talks about. When you can look back and see your consistency, it’ll fuel your fire and clear the path for a better tomorrow.

Too often when working with athletes, they have they’re goals for the season and long-term in mind. However, when you ask them, what is your goal to get better today, the answers get a lot less clear. Closing this gap as an athlete and helping them close it as a coach, will accelerate growth and development. What can an athlete measure daily in the direction of their ambitions?

Identify what it is you need to do, or your athletes need to do daily to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be. In completing the task, marking it done or measuring it, you can find motivation. Show a competitor a 9 yesterday and they’ll want to get 10 today. Over time, you can also look back and see the growth, see the confidence gained through consistent effort. Confidence is grown through consistency.

Wake up knowing what needs to take place, what targets we are after and the bigger goals will take care of themself. As soon as you find your rhythm.

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