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Enduring the Rush

At one point, the way of life in Colorado came to a grinding halt. Economics shifted, people left the state for other seasonal opportunities. Relevance and industry adapted though. Those that remained persevered, thrived and were remembered.

I’m not talking about high school sports and CoVid, but it sounds familiar.

The gold rush may have been a sprint, but Colorado is a breath taking state that also endures beyond the flash of gold. After William Green Russell struck gold outside of Denver, many followed to the mountain state. Towns that catered too prospectors flourished much like today’s communities that cater to large youth sporting events.

As unforeseen circumstances change our environments, it’s those who look and think outside of the box that make it in the long run. As gold and other valuable minerals became mined up, some people left town, some people stayed. Those who stayed, likely went through hard times. Out of these times came the recognition of National Parks, construction of Red Rocks and soon a growing trend from Europe would transform the winter landscape even more.

While miners graced the Colorado slopes in their off-seasons, it wasn’t until visions of gold lost the shine, that downhill visions took its place.

When we go through unforeseen transitions, it often isn’t until we’ve cleared some space, that something new can take its place. Constraints breed creativity and the human spirit is stronger than many of us fathom today. Things will change, mountains will change. Life and ingenuity press on.

Mistakes will be made, as without them, there is no progress. But without adapting and changing, growth will be evading. The mining towns that evolved into ski towns, recreation hubs and hosts to world famous musicians between the rocks saw opportunities where others did not.

I was once told that my adversities aren’t unique. Once I grasped that idea, I began to conquer adversity more steadily and be able to help those going through similar obstacles. Find the areas of opportunity wherever they may be. Adversity and opportunity will be there everyday we wake, the one you seek, will be the one you find.

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