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Daily Momentum Guide I use

Set up some targets. If you can’t see the targets, it’s hard to hit many bullseyes.

For nearly two years now, I’ve woken up to a list of essential to do’s. These keys to developing small wins throughout the day in alignment with larger goals never leave me clueless with what action to take (Pictured is last weeks). I keep this in a journal, that goes about everywhere with me.

They revolve around mind, body, and spirit. Each serves a purpose to create the energy or action towards achievement in the day. Many of these items I’ve done for nearly four years, some revolve and some are adjusted for new priorities or new comfort zones to be exited. I call it my daily momentum guide.

A good friend and mentor of mine, Matt Phillips, took a group of guys through a 30 day exercise that focused on creating the small momentums that move us towards productivity, flow and greater action. Since that month, I’ve continually adapted a list of seven to ten behaviors and tasks done daily that move me towards a better day.

While we live in a distracted and world constantly calling for our attention, there are three things I’ve come to realize if you are looking to refine, redefine and re-align your daily habits. One, if you plan to do it [write it down], you’re way more likely to take action on it. Two, life will interrupt and occasionally you won’t get to everything, just as I don’t execute 100% on my list 100% of the time. Lastly, don’t judge yourself too harshly for missing a task or behavior, however - never missing two in a row is key. If you didn’t complete something the day before, how can you adjust to ensure it gets done today.

As you create you daily momentum guide, make the tasks bite-size. If I see I’m unable to accomplish something on a daily level, I scale it back. If I can increase it and feel it’s important to do so, I’ll elevate the standard for each day.

This week’s daily targets.

Meditate - min. 10 minutes

Gratitude - write at least 3 sentences of gratefulness

Read 20 - read at least 20 pages of a book

Run/Workout - Run at least 2 miles or a 30 min. Workout

Core 12 - do a least 12 minutes focused on core exercises

Share 3 - share 3 articles, videos or podcasts with others

Instagram - make one post

Elev8 Podcast - do something to more the podcast forward

Call 1 - call at least one friend over the phone

1 New Thing - try something new that I’ve never done or been at least 10 yrs.

Rejuvenate - do one things to rejuvenate my body, stretch, roll, ice, etc.

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